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It was my 12 years old daughter who was diagnosed with bipolar disorder about 3 years ago. She was having auditory hallucinations, anxiety and panic attacks. After a couple of other drugs that produced insufficient effect, the doctor switched her to Geodon. This medication is definitely very effective. Almost all the symptoms are gone now, she feels and behaves much better. There are no side effects other than a little sleepiness which is easily cured by a cup of black tea. Geodon has been a wonder drug for us. I highly recommend giving it a chance!
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I have tried many medications for bipolar disorder. All had to be discontinued due to side effects. Then I finally tried Geodon. I have been on it for about a month. This has been the best tolerated and effective medicine for me so far. It really stabilizes my mood shifts. And I tolerate it well. The major side effects for me are restlessness, anorexia (a welcome side effect!), a little anxiety, and morning drowsiness. I went from taking this medication 40 mg twice a day to just 80 mg at night, and my morning drowsiness subsided. I am glad I tried Geodon. I hope its positive effects continue.

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